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The only solution is to download applications compatible with its specific device. Wapkid contains only applications suitable for kids’ use.

Games, music, themes, videos, pictures, and wallpapers are accessible on the kids’ site, wapkid.

While Google Safe Browsing Standards ranked the site as a safe site.

To download files from the website; All of these applications are available for downloads and are for free.

They are This version is only accessible to users that visit the site with a mobile phone.

This means that any application or file that is shown here is compatible with any mobile phone that has an internet connection.

Users do not require registrations of any kind to access this website.

Beberapa kesan dari handphone ini adalah : Kesan akhirnya, ini handphone 2.0 banget deh.

The website can be accessed with a non-smart, WAP-enabled phone.

As of 2014, Webutations rated Waptrick as secured from malware and viruses.

Tapi kalau kita lagi traveling ke Jakarta, baru deh terasa gunanya, ketika terjebak di dalam kendaraan, dan terpaksa harus baca email, E63 ini sangat membantu.

Kalau ada yang bandingkan handphone ini dengan Blackberry, mungkin saya bisa bilang handphone ini ini adalah Blackberry killer……bagi orang-orang tertentu yang bertanya-tanya “?

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