Updating tomcat

While researching this topic for a customer, I found that most documents described how to use an existing MBean to manage an application.For example, there are numerous documents out there that describe how to start/stop a web application, increase a JDBC connection pool size, or retrieve the number of currently active sessions in the EJB bean pool.To deliver faster load times, better battery life, and stronger security, Safari is optimized for HTML5, and will load this content whenever it is available.For websites that use proprietary formats, Safari supports the use of plug-ins such as Flash.

The abstraction that JMX offers is similar to the abstractions of JDBC and EJB: most of the coding is vendor-neutral, and only the deployment descriptors are application server specific.

Just like the new Safari Extensions, Xcode makes it easy to create Content Blockers using App Extension templates.

To help users easily discover your video content, you can now autoplay videos and play them inline with other content on your webpages on all i OS devices.

If you previously created Content Blockers for Safari on i OS, you can easily bring them to mac OS.

You’ll be able to distribute and sell Content Blockers through the Mac App Store.

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