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We, the creators of Pix Insight, have our own limitations in knowledge, time and resources.

We are conscious that we can't go beyond certain limits, especially as is needed to follow the constant evolution of technology.

You define a set of process instances that you can store, organize, modify and reuse arbitrarily as self-sufficient, live objects.

Eventually, one or more of these process instances can be executed on one or more objects such as images, disk files, elements of the graphical interface, or special control objects that can change the behavior of the whole Pix Insight platform globally—processes are not necessarily tied to images in Pix Insight.

If necessary, a process can acquire some properties from one or more existing images—or even from theoretical, virtual images—as a pattern to define its parameters, just for convenience.

However, the process itself does not depend on any particular image.

If you are accustomed to other document-oriented, linear-workflow applications, then our object-oriented interface and nonlinear workflow usually requires an initial adaptation period (we call it disintoxication period).

Once our users discover the power and flexibility of Pix Insight, they can't think of returning to other degraded working environments anymore.

Pix Insight is both an image processing environment and a software development framework.One of the most important consequences of this object-oriented architecture is that images and processes are independent in Pix Insight. In other words, a process does not know anything about any particular image until it is executed.Process instances are living, self-sufficient and self-contained objects.Pix Insight is a modular, open-architecture system where the entire processing and file handling capabilities are implemented as external installable modules.Pix Insight has been ported as a native 64-bit application to Free BSD, Linux, OS X and Windows operating systems.

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Not more steep than other technical, highly-specialized applications, and actually not very steep, considering the complexity of our platform.

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