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They are the ones left on the estate agents' shelves.

Recognising the problem is one thing, addressing it another.

What your property might need is not so much a facelift as a façade lift. "When it comes to choosing a house," explains George Hesse, of exterior-design firm Back-to-Front, "there are always three considerations: location, space and character.

With good design, a bit of courage and a certain amount of cash, the ugliest house can be transformed into a supermodel home. Ideally, you want to get all three right, but the ideal is very hard to achieve."Such is the pressure on housing in many parts of the country that compromise is often inevitable.

The agglomeration of additions - often in different materials, with roofs set at different pitches - invariably creates a horrid effect.

To establish a new sense of harmony, it is important to adopt a coherent scheme.

Tall gabled roofs, charming round top doors, leaded and beveled glass windows….

The architectural legacy of Britain's post-war housing boom has ensured a healthy supply of the stuff - characterless, box-like homes built from deteriorating, man-made materials to a limited range of standard patterns.A detached pavilion allows you a bit of flexibility on design to coordinate with the home without needing to exactly match design details.Just keep the framing simple and rustic to fit with the english country style of the home.Here are 5 tips from Arciform Senior Designer Anne De Wolf for sprucing up your Tudor. Keep a close eye out for weather damage on the stucco portions of your exterior and tackle any problems quickly before they get out of hand. Updating the entryway of a Tudor can be tricky- the style tends towards very small entry spaces with unusually shaped doors and very little covering from the elements.The good news: stucco can be repaired in small sections without needing to resurface your entire facade, making regular maintenance more affordable on Tudor homes. In order to add a bit of shelter without marring the traditional style, consider adding copper awnings over your doors and ground floor windows. The high gabled roof of a Tudor home was originally designed to encourage the snow to slide off in northern climates.

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