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Every day and all around the world, our athletes train and strive to achieve their very best.

Some 450,000 condoms have been allocated for athletes, more than three times as many as in London. On Tinder, there are plenty of athlete profiles to choose from.

No other organized event in the world has the social and emotional impact of the Special Olympics World Games.

For the athletes and their families, the experience opens doors to unimagined possibilities.

Emil Jellinek, an entrepreneur who commissioned engineer Wilhelm Maybach to design the first Mercedes automobile, named after Jellinek’s daughter, is born in Leipzig, Germany, on this day in 1853.

Jellinek was a successful businessman in 1897, when he bought a car from Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, an engine and auto company founded... Secretary of State James Baker and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze carried out most of the negotiations. On this day in 1970, Sam Sheppard, a doctor convicted of murdering his pregnant wife in a trial that caused a media frenzy in the 1950s, dies of liver failure.

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For volunteers, coaches and other supporters from all parts of the world, the Games inspire hope and belief in a brighter future of global acceptance, understanding and unity.

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