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“The potential for risk is amplified in a romantic relationship with your boss or someone who reports to you directly.

This can complicate things both personally and professionally.

I didn’t care that he had a girlfriend outside work, because in the office I was his first lady.

Until office gossip revealed Modiri’s escapades with other female coworkers during our time together. I thought was his only “office wife”” Kgomotso Aveely told the Gazette.

However research indicates that sometimes a romantic spark created in the office doesn’t make the transition to life outside of it.The bad But if you work with a flirty Felicity or a promiscuous Phenyo, how safe is it to get involved in the office?“Modiri and I worked closely together and sometimes at odd hours, so naturally we bonded.That’s because the intensity of working long hours on an important project can give people a heightened sense of intimacy and “an escalated sense of romance.” According to Linked In’s official career expert, Nicole Williams, “It’s almost like quicksand.You sink into your work and you really have an unrealistic sense of the true level of intimacy as it would pertain to real life outside the workplace.” The ugly Because there is always potential for a breakup that could be disastrous for your career, Nteta advised those romantically involved with their coworker to consider the ugly impact that an office romance could have on their professionalism.

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