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Thus the Divine mind itself is the type of prudence ; God using all things to minister to His glory is the type of temperance, by which man subjects his lower appetites to reason ; justice is typified by God's application of theeternal law to all His works; Divine immutability is the type of fortitude.

And, since it isman's nature to live insociety, the fourcardinal virtues are social [ politicae ] virtues, inasmuch as by themman rightly ordains his conduct in daily life.

Such a degree of virtue belongs only to souls already purified from all attachment to things worldly, and solidly anchored in the love of God. Thomas ( I-II:61:4 ) says: Virtue consists in the following, or imitation, of God.

Every virtue, like every other thing, has its type [ exemplar ] in God.

Alan Scott is a writer and graphic designer residing in Virginia.

When he’s not writing or designing, you’ll find him, hands dirty, in his garden. Or perhaps you can also use a prayer book, or a picture book with images of Jesus and/or His Passion.You can think about His Holy Passion, and all the trials he suffered and the sacrifices He made for us.And at the end of the three minutes, thank Him for His help.And if your mind was distracted, ask Him to help you stay more focused next time. And in this busy world, full of stress, chaos and confusion, who can deny the mental and spiritual benefits of meditation. And if you don’t have three minutes to spare, you might want to relax your current schedule (Facebook, Instagram, pet videos, etc.).

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So, if you’re going to try the three-minute mediation along with me, you may be wondering, “What should I think about when meditating? This is the greatest way to learn about Jesus and to get to know Him.

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