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The heroine, a Latvian nurse, craves the "cakes" of the title, but unforeseen events bring her to reject the cake and all it represents.

OBITUARY: Rolfs Ekmanis, editor, eulogizes Inta Ezergaile (1932-2005), professor of German and Comparative Literatures at Cornell University, assistant editor of JG, and contributor of many essays and reviews.

Because of this flaw, he became the star pupil and praised constantly by his Principal.

After graduating with a Diploma in Gynaecology, Flesh became a hockey-player to The Mighty Ducks, who went on to win the semi-finals in St.

Dace Aperne reviews the gala chamber concert by Solistes Europeens, held on May 3, 2004 at UN Headquarters in New York to celebrate the enlargement of the European Union.

The concert was initiated and organized by Gints Jgermanis, Latvia's permanent representative to the UN.

Heading back to the Flying Dick, Flesh used the Spunk-Cannon to destroy the Sex Ray and bring Tibet to peace once more.As a teenager she was stationed as a Red Cross nurse on a German hospital ship torpedoed by a Soviet submarine.In this story she returns to the post-Armistice Germany of 1945 populated by occupying forces, released concentration camp inmates, refugees, Germans.Whilst Flash has tried to settle down, Flesh has continued to hold sexual orgies across the Galaxy, of which Bugs Bunny was a frequent participant with Lindsay Lohan before his death.Flesh has also resumed his hockey-playing and helped to win in a quarter-final match against Goosetown.

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Rolfs Ekmanis acclaims Ildze Kronta's Works-Personalities-Perspectives as a "good, deep, and thoughtful book" about Latvian prose works published since the 1970s.

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