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In his 2016 book Focus: The Secret, Sexy, Sometimes Sordid World of Fashion Photographers, Michael Gross revealed that Avedonw as bisexual.

The son of Avedon's first wife Dorcas Nowell bsaid his mother told him that the photographer was a homosexual.

In the end however, the two were not able to leave their lives behind to pursue their relationship writes Stevens.'We chickened out but we were together for years, till Mike met someone else,' Avedon allegedly told Stevens.

That split was not the end however, as Stevens later writes that Avedson said: 'Later on we started things up again — there were sparks, but no fire.

Richard Avedon and Mike Nichols were ready to run off to Paris while in the throes of their decade-long affair claims a new biography about the legendary photographer. We were made for each other,' Avedon told Stevens according to the book, which was co-authored by Steven M. Aronson.'At one point, we even thought about running away together.

Norma Stevens writes in 'Avedon: Something Personal' that the esteemed lens man confided in her about his relationship with the EGOT-winning director while she was working as the head of his studio.'We had so much going for us . Eloping, we called it — leaving our wives and our lives and moving to Gay Paree.'The early copy of the salacious biography, which hits bookshelves this week, was obtained by Page Six.

Soon, his love life was receiving as much attention as his pictures.

If he goes that route, it makes the Miami or Boston option even more appealing because it nearly eliminates Utah's monetary advantage.Avedon had asked that his sexuality be made public after his death claims Stevens in the book.Closer: 'Eloping, we called it — leaving our wives and our lives and moving to Gay Paree,' Avedon said to his business partner (John Richardson speaks with Dianne Sawyer while Avedon and Nichols talk in the background)Avedon also explained to Stevens that he had the chance to introduce Nichols to the City of Lights back in 1972 when he shot the then-comedian and his girlfriend, model Suzy Parker, for Harper's Bazaar according to the book.Avedon did have a son Christopher with his second wife.In that same book a former assistant also said that Avedon had relationships with men, naming famed writer James Baldwin as one of his paramours.

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Nichols, Annabell David-Goff in 1975 before splitting in 1986.

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