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Taxable Income of Estates and Non-Grantor Trusts 1. Losses from Sales or Exchanges of Capital Assets i. Interest Paid or Accrued (1) Delayed Bequests (2) Interest on Taxes k. Carryovers and Excess Deductions - § 642(h) (1) NOL Carryovers and Loss Carryovers (2) Excess Deductions (3) Beneficiaries Who Succeed to Property w.

Losses Incurred in a Trade or Business or from Casualties, or Theft - § 165 h. Distribution Deduction Available to Estates or Trusts t. Nondeductibility of Expenses Allocated to Tax-Exempt Interest - § 265 (1) General Allocation Method (2) Special Allocation Methods for Termination Fees (3) Allocation of Expenses - Timing (4) Other Expenses v.

General Rules Applicable to Complex Trusts and Estates 2. 65-Day Rule - § 663(b) Election for Trusts and Estates 6. Symmetry Between Distribution Deduction and Taxation of Beneficiaries G. First Issue: Realization of Gain or Loss on Distribution in Kind a.

Estate Allowances for Support of Surviving Spouse or Dependents; Elective Share 5. First-Tier Distributions and the Charitable Deduction c. When Distributions Are Taxable to Beneficiaries (1) General Rules (2) Death of Beneficiary e.

Subsidiary Issue: Disallowance of Losses Between Related Parties - § 267 2. Fourth Issue: Valuation of Asset for Purpose of Computing Distribution Deduction and Distribution Amounts 5. 852-4th, provides detailed coverage of the rules governing the income taxation of estates, trusts, and their beneficiaries. The Portfolio discusses the types of entities covered by the rules of subchapter J of the Code, including the practical problems that may occur if an entity is classified as a business entity instead of a trust or the administration of an estate is unduly prolonged. M., Grantor Trusts: Income Taxation Under Subpart E, and 862 T. Election to Treat Revocable Trust as Part of the Estate IV. Distributions by Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds - § 642(i) C.

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