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CHAPTER XII Pleasing letters.—Visit to Candy.—Snake and Flying Fox.— Buddha's shrine.—The Malaya.—Naval digression.— Indian trader.—Elephanta.—Sea snakes.—Chained to a tombstone.—Berlin's escape.—Lord Chetwynd.—Lecture in the Red Sea.—Marseilles.CHAPTER XIII The Institut Mtaphysique.—Lecture in French.—Wonderful musical improviser.—Camille Flammarion.—Test of materialised hand.—Last ditch of materialism.—Sitting with Mrs.I write these lines with a pad upon my knee, heaving upon the long roll of the Indian Ocean, running large and grey under a grey streaked sky, with the rain-swept hills of Ceylon, just one shade greyer, lining the Eastern skyline.So under many difficulties it will be carried on, which may explain if it does not excuse any slurring of a style, which is at its best but plain English.As I looked down on it all I grasped my wife's hand in the darkness and I cried aloud, "My God, if they only knew— if they could only know!" Perhaps in that cry, wrung from my very soul, lay the inception of my voyage to the other side of the world. God had given us wonderful signs, and they were surely not for ourselves alone. From the moment that I had understood the overwhelming importance of this subject, and realised how utterly it must change and chasten the whole thought of the world when it is whole-heartedly accepted, I felt it good to work in the matter and understood that all other work which I had ever done, or could ever do, was as nothing compared to this.— Their views on Atonement.—The party on the "Naldera." CHAPTER II Gibraltar.—Spanish right versus British might.—Relics of Barbary Rovers, and of German militarists.—Ichabod!

Mildred Creed.—Leon Gellert.—Norman Lindsay.—Bishop Leadbeater.—Our relations with Theosophy.—Incongruities of H. Thacker.—Sir Joseph Kinsey.—A generous collector.—Scott and Amundsen.—Dunedin.—A genuine medium.—Evidence.—The Shipping strike.— Sir Oliver.—Farewell.

— Excursion to Exeter.—Can spiritualists continue to be Christians?

—Their views on Atonement.—The party on the "Naldera." THIS is an account of the wanderings of a spiritualist, geographical and speculative.

CHAPTER X Christian origins.—Mithraism.—Astronomy.—Exercising boats.—Bad news from home.—Futile strikes.—Labour Party.—The blue wilderness.—Journey to Brisbane.— Warm reception.—Friends and Foes.—Psychic experience of Dr.

Doyle.—Birds.—Criticism on Melbourne.—Spiritualist Church.—Ceremony.—Sir Matthew Nathan.—Alleged repudiation of Queensland.—Billy tea.—The bee farm.—Domestic service in Australia.— Hon.

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