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For a degg Wa manuscript, 3400 is clear and beautiful. Generally speaking, however, the great majority of manuscripts are service books copied within the last two hundred years, mostly in mediocre hands, and in several cases not well preserved. John’s Abbey and University Collegeville, Minnesota 1985 A CATALOGUE OF ETHIOPIAN MANUSCRIPTS MICROFILMED FOR THE ETHIOPIAN MANUSCRIPT MICROFILM LIBRARY, ADDIS ABABA AND FOR THE HILL MONASTIC MANUSCRIPT LIBRARY, COLLEGEVILLE Vol. A., New York Copyright © 1985 Hill Monastic Manuscript Library All rights reserved ISBN 0-940250-55-1 (v. Hf IWW t OH^Cfb C^ nb'bfoc-anhd M •n fit ig§ Plate 1 . Almost all legible marginal notes in all manuscripts were also studied, especially when it was not easy to distinguish those which are noteworthy from those which are not. Most of the manuscripts described in this volume, as those of the preceding volume and probably of the one that will follow, come from Shoa, mainly from the administrative district of Ankobarr. VII my guess as to why this region does not appear to have harbored manuscripts of high literary and historical value: Bordering Adal or Ifat, Ankobarr was one of the regions of Shoa where Moslems often encountered Christians on unfriendly terms, resulting in death and cultural destruction.

This includes EMML 3239 - 2, a local composition on the Passion of Our Lord: 3392 (9) and - 3459-2, a list of Christian virtues and vices, most probably a Jesuit legacy; 3472, Ta’ammera Q w erban or Miracles of the Communion, some of which come from (Ge c ez?

A CATALOGUE OF ETHIOPIAN MANUSCRIPTS MICROFILMED FOR THE ETHIOPIAN MANUSCRIPT MICROFILM LIBRARY, ADDIS ABABA AND FOR THE HILL MONASTIC MANUSCRIPT LIBRARY, COLLEGEVILLE Vol. 2b) INTRODUCTION Volume VIII is a brief description of EMML Project Numbers 3001-3500, prepared according to the system adopted for the production of the preceding three volumes.

VIII: Project Numbers 3001-3500 Getatchew Haile Hill Monastic Manuscript Library St. As in those volumes, manuscripts considered deserving of closer attention, which are unfortunately not very many, were described in detail while the rest were summarily checklisted.

) sources not known to me; and 3473* the longer Mazmura Krestos or "Psalter of Christ" which does not seem to be as unique as Cerulli thought. ) = William Wright, Catalogue of the Ebhiopic Manuscripts in the British Museum Acquired since the Year 1847 , London 1877* viii TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction v Abbreviations V H Table of Contents 1* List of Plates x i Manuseripts, Pr. 3001-3500 1 Indices : Dated Manuscripts 299 Datable Manuscripts 301 Undated Manuscripts 303 Libraries 305 Subject Matters 309 Miniatures and Drawings 311 General Index 315 ix LIST OF PLATES 1.

The history of the composition of the Anaphora of Gregory II, Na’akk^takka , may be written from manuscripts such as EMML 3154: a Missal accompanied with Eucharistic prayers, most probably in place of this anaphora.

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Earlier, in 1921, shortly after becoming Regent, but before being crowned as Emperor, Haile Selassie I had directed that certain "cruel and unusual" punishments mandated in the Fetha, such as amputation of hands for conviction of theft, be made to cease entirely.

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