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From March 30, 2016, up until today, all 11 co-defendants have been either sent to federal prison or placed under house arrest.

For the Linconao, who is sixty years of age, her incarceration in the women’s prison of Temuco has proven to be physically and spiritually degrading.

Thereafter, ensued a century of socio-cultural marginalization within Chilean society, closely linked to habitat loss and systemic ethnic discrimination.

Fast-forward to the late 1970’s, during the Pinochet military dictatorship, a number of draconian economic, political and legal reforms were introduced, which greatly affected the community.

Firemen arrived at the scene, battled the flames for hours, then entered the burnt structure only to find two carbonized bodies which were later identified as belonging to the two owners.

Hostility between the two sides had been building up for days as the fifth anniversary of the death of a young activist, Matías Catrileo, approached.

Unlike the Córdova case, all 11 suspects were accused of terrorism and consequently the Counter-Terrorist Act was put into full effect.

This new measure allowed Chilean authorities to put into preventive custody all of the defendants, arguing that they were a menace to society.

The Chilean Supreme Court launched an investigation in February 2017 regarding the torture allegations made by Mr. – this is crucial to the trial’s outcome, considering that the only proof directly linking Linconao and the other ten suspects to the homicide is solely based on this testimony.The former were forced to sell off their land at rock bottom prices in order to survive, or, if possible, join an exploitative workforce.What was once foreign colonization, came to be, in sociological terms, an internal one, becoming a distinctive feature of Chilean socio-economic pattern .The aforementioned case has attracted national attention, in part because it investigates a double homicide, but mostly because it conjures up an old colonial antagonism between landowners of European descent and people native to the , making them the largest minority present in the country and historically, the most prone to systemic discrimination.Historical Context The Mapuche people have been credited as being the only Native Americans to have successfully resisted the conquest of the Spanish Empire, due in part to their guerilla-like military strategy, high adaptability and largely decentralized political system.

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The War between the Spanish colonial forces and the Mapuches began in 1550, and according to contemporary historians, lasted more than a century, transitioning to a more subtle and intermittent conflict, which lasted up until 1883.

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