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Christina and Lil Wayne, Source: Christina says that, It seems that Christina was truly in love with Lil Wayne but after the post in Instagram the couple decided to choose their separate ways. Christina with The Dream, Source: On February 26, 2010, Milian gave birth to their daughter Violet Madison Nash, who had "a full head of hair".Before she had spent better two years relationship with him, she was engaged with James Prince but they were separated because she said, Jas creeping which caused their breakup. But after three months of their marriage, they broke up and their divorce was finalized on 2011.The epic tale of three ghosts who make the most grumpy, bah humbug Scrooge discover the true meaning of Christmas is the perfect holiday classic to remind you about what's most important in life.Disney's reimagining of the Charles Dickens' classic is a beautifully animated 3-D flick, starring Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge — the must-watch movie to get you into the holiday spirit. Seuss classic Christmas story became an instant holiday staple, not only because Jim Carey, the king of roles where a bad guy learns to love Chirstmas, starred in it, but because it put the song "Where Are You Christmas" on your radar of best Christmas carols right behind "All I Want for Christmas is You." has all the special effects and bells and whistles, but the old-school cartoon version is still a must-watch every year.cartoon was made in 1969 and it still airs every year at Christmastime.The black-and-white cartoon still makes you anxious that Frosty will melt each time you watch it, but you know how the song goes., replace Scrooge with a Scrooge-ish PR executive Christina Milian, the ghosts of Christmas with her late socialite client played by Ashley Benson, and add a bit of Chad Michael Murray? This classic DCOM is all about two thirteen year old Los Angeles-based girls who desperately want one thing for Christmas: snow. Only problem is, the weather machine turns out to be Santa's and it's totally one of the few that isn't totally cheesy and that gets better every time you watch it.

So many people love the story of Ralphie wanting a B. gun for Christmas that the movie was even turned into a Broadway musical. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you're done watching.If the movie leaves you wanting more, there's came along, this Christmas classic was pretty much known as the best holiday movie of all time.The hilarious misadventures of the Griswolds, which turn their happy Christmas plans into one big disaster, will have you literally laughing until you cry, the .Christina and Brandon Source: They deleted each other's photos and both of them are living separately now.You may know that Christina was linked with rapper Lil Wayne and she loved him very much.

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