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The most successful is Open Design Alliance, a non-profit consortium created in 1998 by a number of software developers (including competitors to Autodesk), released a read/write/view library called the Open DWG Toolkit, which was based on the Mar Comp AUTODIRECT libraries.(ODA has since rewritten and updated that code.) In 1998, Autodesk added file verification to Auto CAD R14.01, through a function called DWGCHECK.This file is a Trusted DWG last saved by an Autodesk application or Autodesk licensed application." Auto CAD would pop up a message, warning of potential stability problems, if a user opened a 2007 version DWG file which did not include this text string.In 2008 the Free Software Foundation asserted the need for an open replacement for the DWG format, as neither Real DWG nor DWGdirect are licensed on terms that are compatible with free software license like the GNU GPL.Autodesk sells a read/write library, called Real DWG, under selective licensing terms for use in non-competitive applications.Several companies have attempted to reverse engineer Autodesk's DWG format, and offer software libraries to read and write Autodesk DWG files.In a non-final action in May, 2007, the USPTO examining attorney refused to register the two DWG marks, as they are "merely descriptive" of the use of DWG as a file format name.

The data format of a DXF is called a "tagged data" format which "means that each data element in the file is preceded by an integer number that is called a group code.In addition, the two companies will facilitate work process interoperability between their AEC applications through supporting the reciprocal use of available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).On 13 November 2006, Autodesk sued the Open Design Alliance alleging that its DWGdirect libraries infringed Autodesk's trademark for the word "Autodesk", by writing the Trusted DWG watermark (including the word "Auto CAD") into DWG files it created.for enabling data interoperability between Auto CAD and other programs.DXF was originally introduced in December 1982 as part of Auto CAD 1.0, and was intended to provide an exact representation of the data in the Auto CAD native file format, DWG (Drawing), for which Autodesk for many years did not publish specifications.

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